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If you’re searching about SG cricket balls, this is the place where you can Buy SG Cricket balls and can see some details too about Cricket balls. In Cricket, there is required physical agility to bat, bowl and field. The results of match are influenced by the kinds of balls used in the sport. Although the pitch utilized in the sport also decides that which sorts of bowlers are going to be simpler within the game either Fast bowlers or Spinners.


The ball is a unique to cricket. It comprises of a cork core wound with string. The external layer of a cricket ball comprises of four or two pieces of leather. This leather is held together by stitching which is named the “Seam”. Cricket balls are harder and heavier than baseballs. When we purchase a ball, the primary thing that must be kept in mind is what they’re getting to be used for re-creational cricket, league matches or training. We can Buy SG cricket balls, Duke Balls and Kookaburra balls. These are the main manufacturer.


Cricket ball measurements contrast depending on the degree of cricket being played:

  • In men’s cricket, somewhere in the range of 155.9 and 163 grams
  • In women’s cricket, somewhere in the range of 140 and 151 grams
  • In Junior cricket (under-13), somewhere in the range 133 and 144 grams
  • The ball, when new, shall not weigh but ounces/155.9 grams, nor quite ounces/163 grams (156 grams is Optimum), and shall measure not but 22.4 cms, nor quite 22.9 cms in circumference.


There are 3 main manufacturers of cricket balls within the world:

  • Kookaburra
  • Duke
  • SG


In 1940, the brothers Sanspareils and Greenlands establish a corporation name Greenlands to facilitate export at a time when the planet is overshadowed by war II. Soon thereafter, the name which will come to be universally related to cricket gear and cricketing legends takes root: Sanspareils Greenlands.

In 1979 Sanspareils and Greenlands merged to make the corporate now referred to as Sanspareils Greenlands. In 1982, Sanspareils Greenlands begins promoting its marked cricket gear under the name SG. India’s success within the Prudential World Cup injects new life into the game of cricket within the country and helps SG quickly establish itself because the nation’s leading cricket gear brand. In 1987, Gavaskar becomes the primary cricketer within the world to attain 10,000 runs in test cricket. The milestone comes off an SG bat. Also within the same year Mohammad Azharuddin starts sporting SG cricket gear. The third generation joins business in 1985. In 1991, the BCCI affirmed the SG ball and make its test debut. The SG ball became the Official ball for all tests and tournaments played in India and can be obtained SG cricket balls.


Sanspareils Greenlands, generally known by the shortened form SG, might be a sports equipment manufacturer. Its balls are utilize in Test cricket and within the Ranji Trophy in India. It is a superior quality four piece ball design from highest quality alum tanned leather, select from top grade hide. This ball is additionally waterproof and immune to all kinds of weather. It also includes a naturally seasoned inner core. This ball has excellent shape maintenance and great scraped area opposition. It’s a premium quality center constructe with layers of Portuguese cork.

This ball comes in red color and still is usually within the interest of the ambitious players. The type of stitching that’s done on this ball makes it more durable, and provides it more bounce and swing. The load of one ball is around 156-160g.

These balls lose the shining soon due to dry conditions in India. After the shine pops, it helps the bowler with tons of reverse swing up to 40 overs. These balls are helpful for spinners due to wider seam. SG is that the official ball utilized in all India matches.

You’ll choose between SG Club Red or SG Club White Cricket Balls, SG Tournament Special, SG Seamer or the all-weather SG Prosoft or SG Everlast Cricket Balls, Buy SG cricket balls.

SG club white cricket balls
Buy SG Cricket balls


  • It is naturally seasoned inner core.
  • It is suitable for the club or school cricket matches.
  • SG Club cricket balls are best quality balls for the professional players.


red tournament balls
  • It is water proof cricket ball, so you can play with it even in moisture condition.
  • It is high abstraction resistance and excellent shape retention.
  • This is the most superior quality balls for the professional players.


Buy SG Cricket balls
  • It is a good quality two-piece cricket ball.
  • It is ideally suited for club and school matches.
  • Water-proofed.
  • Naturally seasoned inner core.


Buy SG Cricket balls
  • Prosoft is a poly ball replicated to look like a conventional cricket ball.
  • The ball is ideal for indoor play.
  • Prominent linen seam like conventional cricket ball perpetual shape retention.


Buy SG Cricket Balls
  • Everlast also has the replica seam to aid in practice.
  • Ideal for practice, even in wet conditions.
  • Does not damage cricket bat.


Training cricket balls
  • PVC training ball with a cord.
  • Helps the batsman in practicing and mastering hand eye co-ordination.
  • Good quality centre construction encased with layers of high quality Portuguese cork wound with 100% wool.
  • Naturally seasoned inner core.


SG supasoft
  • The Supasoft ball may be a poly ball, replicated to seam sort of a real ball.
  • Supasoft ball has precisely the same dimensions as of a standard ball.
  • Ideal for all weather plays with least protective gear.
  • The ball is often used for indoor play.
  • Prosoft linen seam is sort of a rational ball seam.
  • Fine condition retention.


SG bats are manufactured in Meerut. The corporate has been the market leader in India with legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Muhammad Azharuddin and Rahul Dravid endorsing the brand. In 2008, Virender Sehwag turned into a SG brand ambassador. SG exports bats to UK and Australia. Bargain SG cricket balls and bats .


SG Test ball is out there in 2 colors i.e., Red and White. Supported above specifications, SG Test Red ball is approved by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). Buy SG cricket balls, SG Test Red are that the most superior quality conventional ball within the range. Super strict internal control of fabric and construction provides superior shape retention and true seam to the present ball. SG Test may be a Water-proofed ball with High abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention. Like Test Red, Test White is that the most superior quality white ball within the range. The SG Test White may be a four-piece ball made up of superior quality alum tanned leather chosen from the highest grade hide. This ball is already in use within the first-class 20-20 matches. Similarly, SG Test White may be a Water-proofed ball with High abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention.


In test cricket, a replacement ball is employed at the beginning of every innings during a match. In Limited over International, two new balls, one from each end, are used at the beginning of every innings. The ball is not replaced if it’s hit into the team – the team must return it.

A ball might not get replaced except under specific conditions described within the laws of cricket:

  • If the ball becomes damaged or lost.
  • If the state of the ball is illegally modified by a player.
  • In test cricket, after 80 overs, the captain of the bowling side has the choice to require a replacement ball.

Because one ball is employed for an extended period of play, its surface wears down and becomes rough. The bowlers may polish it whenever they will, usually by rubbing it on their trousers, producing the characteristic red stain which will often be seen there. However, they’re going to usually only polish one side of the ball, so as to make ‘swing’ because it travels through the air. They’ll apply saliva or sweat to the ball as they polish it.


It is founded in 1931. Its founder name is Kedarnath Anand. It is served in worldwide. Its headquarters are in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. Directors are Paras Anand, Puneet Anand and Trilok N Anand. Its chairman is Kailash C. Anand. Its products are cricket and sporting Goods. It has approximately 3000 employees.



Kookaburra ball is manufactured in Australia. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe use it. It makes the ball swing more within the first 20 overs assisting the Bowling team and gradually making it suitable for Batsmen to play their Shots. But because the seam is lost, there’ll be no grip for the spinners.

  • Kookaburra ball maintains it shine quite longer than others.
  • Most nations except England, West Indies and India.
  • Unlike Duke and Buy SG Cricket balls, kookaburra balls are machine-made.
  • It has comparatively lesser shine than the duke ball.
  • It favors both pace and spin bowling.
  • The Kookaburra balls are Very Costly.


While Duke Balls manufacture in England and utilize in matches played in UK and West Indies. The Dukes Ball have an honest Seam and therefore the seam holds good up to 50-55 Overs if maintained well and swings the foremost. It’s the foremost bowler friendly ball assisting seam bowlers.

  • Bounce of Duke Ball is far higher and it swings quite the remainder.
  • Like the duke ball, it’s also hand-made.
  • India employs SG ball.
  • It may be a spin-friendly ball.


SG balls are manufactured in India and are utilize in Matches played in India. The Buy SG Cricket balls have the foremost upright and prominent Seam but Swings for less than 10 overs in Indian. Major disadvantage is it loses its shine quickly. But the seam is unbroken for nearly 80-90 overs making it more susceptible for Reverse Swing after 40-50 overs.

  • SG Balls deteriorates easy hence it’s the advantage of more reverse swing and spin.
  • Subcontinent countries generally employed SG balls for the matches played there.
  • Buy SG cricket balls consider best for spin-balling and understand for its wide seam and characteristic color. It’s also utilize in the test matches.
  • Like the duke ball, it’s also hand-made.
  • It may be a spin-friendly ball.
  • The SG balls Costs approximately 1/7th of the value of Kookaburra Ball there is marginal difference within the use of Leather or weight of the ball, but this balls react differently when used for extended time.
different types of balls


The condition of the ball is crucial to the number of movement through the air a bowler can produce. The laws governing what players may and will not do to the ball are specific and rigorously enforced like Buy SG cricket balls. The umpires will examine the ball frequently during a match. If the ball is out of shape because of normal wear and tear, of batting and ball hitting the pitch, a ball of comparable usage rate and condition are getting to be replaces e.g. a ball about 30 overs old can with a ball about the same age.

If the ball is out of shape because of normal wear and tear, of batting and ball hitting the pitch, a ball of comparable usage rate and condition are getting to be replaces e.g. a ball about 30 overs old can with a ball about the same age.


  • Rub any substance separated from sweat onto the ball.
  • Rub the ball on rock bottom.
  • Including the fingernails, scuff the ball with any object.
  • Pick the seam of the ball.
  • Despite these rules, it is often tempting for players to understand a plus by breaking them.


A new ball is harder than a worn one. Fast bowlers preferred to use them for the speed and bounce of the ball off the pitch. Older balls  tend to spin more because the roughness grips the pitch more when the ball bounces, so spin bowlers prefer to use a worn ball, though a ball of about 8-10 overs old remains useful to a spinner because it can get more rift within the air. Uneven decline older balls also can make reverse swing possible. A captain may delay the request for a replacement ball if she/he prefers to possess spin bowlers operating, but usually asks for the new ball soon after it becomes available.

Here see some details of best balls brands and Purchase SG cricket balls .

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