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If you want to buy cricket balls in UK then this is the place where you can purchase all kinds of balls. Cricket was first invented in England in the 18th century and it is still the national game of England and it was that time when cricket ball was used first time. A cricket ball which was used back then was solid. That’s why we said it hardball however Nowadays there are many types of cricket balls available in the UK market which are used for cricket. We will discuss their types later.

There are a lot of brands that are selling their balls but their prices are different from each other.

Question is why:

  • Quality of material.
  • Brand Marketing of Cricket Balls.
  • Their Manufacturing Cost.
  • Quality of stitching.
  • 2 Piece balls or 4 pieces Ball.
  • 5 layers of core and 3 layers of core.

How cricket Ball is made:

Cricket ball is made of leather, a core of cork and tightly wrapped together and stitch it with thread therefore the core of a cricket ball varies from company to company some companies use the same core and some companies different kinds of core and some of them use different kinds of leather according to their standard therefore leather which is mostly used in cricket ball is cow leather. Latex rubber is also used with the cork to make all parts of the ball together.

The most famous cricket balls manufacturer is kookaburra cricket ball it is made exactly like we have mentioned above.

Cricket balls in UK:

These are the steps you should keep in mind:

  • Leather Quality.
  • Stitching Quality.
  • 2 Piece or 4 Piece Cricket Ball.
  • Layers of leather.
  • Cricket Ball for kids.
  • Cricket Ball for men and women.

Leather Quality:

There are 4 types of leather quality available in market top quality leather is Full grain leather if you want best quality cricket ball then buy a ball made of this leather.

Top grain leather is also a quality leather but it is less durable than Full-grain leather next one is genuine leather don’t get full with its name its less durable than top grain leather and the last one is Corrected-Grain Leather which is the lowest quality of leather.

Stitching Quality:

Stitching often vary from one cricket ball to other ball but the most effective stitching is often finer and their circumference is 80 percent and on the other hand cricket balls with the low quality has the circumference of 55 percent if you are looking for the quality cricket ball then buy a finer stitching ball although it cost you more but its worth for it.

2 Piece or 4 Piece Cricket Ball:

If you buy cricket balls in UK there are two types of construction of a ball is done first is 2 piece balls are used for training purposes, therefore, they can’t be used for matches on the other hand 4 piece balls are used for the matches and these are durable. 

Layers of leather:

There are a lot of quality cricket balls available in market one of the main reason why they are quality balls it depends on their layer count, therefore, Balls with 5 layers are the best quality cricket balls and balls with 3 to 4 layers are low and medium quality balls.

Purchase Cricket Balls in UK for kids :

Cricket ball for juniors is the same but the only difference is that its weight. Weight for a children’s cricket ball is 4 3/4oz.

Buy Cricket balls in UK for Men and Women:

Weight of cricket ball for men is 5 1/2oz and for women 5oz.

Top 9 Famous Brands of Cricket Balls in UK:

It’s very hard to chose one brand on another but here is the list of popular brands that are manufacturing cricket balls.

  • Dukes Cricket Balls
  • Readers Cricket Balls
  • Gray-Nicholls Cricket Balls
  • Gunn and Moore Cricket Balls
  • Kookaburra Cricket Balls
  • Lusum Cricket Balls
  • Slazenger Cricket Balls
  • Willo Stix Cricket Balls
  • Incrediball Cricket Balls

Types of Cricket Balls:

  • Soft Balls
  • Hard Balls

Soft Balls:

Incrediball was the first brand who introduce the softball. The idea of using softball was to boost confidence in the juniors players because a lot of player hesitate due to the hardness of hardball and one wrong move cause players a lot of damage so mainly most of the players use it for training.

Construction of softball is made by softcore cover with the soft plastic.

Hard Balls:

 Hardball was first introduced in the 18th century and after that, the trend was set for the hard balls however there are a lot of hard cricket balls available in the market which are used in the cricket match. They are made of cork center and cow leather layer on the center and then stitch it.

There are mainly three types of Hard cricket balls available in the market these are given below:

  • Red Cricket Balls.
  • White Cricket Balls.
  • Pink Cricket Balls.
purchase cricket balls in UK

Red Cricket Ball:

When the cricket was invented everyone use red ball to play but as time spend some noticeable changes were made and at that time other cricket balls were introduced therefore now the red ball is only used for test cricket match.

buy cricket balls in UK

White Cricket Ball:

When the time changes the trend of the cricket was also shifted then at that time white ball was introduced and it is used in T20 and ODI matches. In 1977 it was used in ODI cricket which is a 50 over format then after that, it started using in T20 because it is more visible at night and viewers can easily see it at night. It is harder than the red ball and it swings more than red ball and also more smoother.

Cricket Root

Pink Cricket Ball:

In the recent few years, there is a trend of night test matches but one problem players face that red ball is not feasible for night test cricket so a new ball comes in the race which is Pink ball. The first match was played with a pink cricket ball in 2016.

If you want to buy cricket balls in UK for Playing night Cricket then a pink ball is the best option.

Manufacturing Time of Hard Cricket Balls:

Manufacturing of cricket ball is a well-designed process for a red cricket ball therefore it takes almost 2-3 weeks and for a white cricket ball, it may take less than 2-3 weeks depending on the material.


When we hear this word CricketRoot what comes in mind, obviously it will be related to cricket yes you are right.CricketRoot is a leading brand in the manufacturing of Hard Cricket Balls. They are working since 1990 and they have a big setup of manufacturing Hard Cricket Balls, and they are providing quality cricket balls.

I suggest you purchase cricket balls in UK from their online store.

CricketRoot Manufacturing Unit:

Their manufacturing unit consists of 50-100 people therefore two mangers are currently managing the whole process of manufacturing the cricket balls and the CEO name is Muhammad Saad Chohan.

What types of Ball made by CricketRoot:

They are currently providing all kinds of Cricket balls like Red Ball, white Ball, Pink ball and Training Balls which is mostly used nowadays.

These balls are also according to the International Standards and also player specific like for women and men ball weight is 5oz, 5 1/2oz and for Junior’s ball weight is 4 3/4oz.

Circumference of a cricket ball is 9 inches and the diameter of the cricket ball is 2.8 to 2.86 Inches.

Why Choose Them?

When comes to buy cricket balls in UK or online one question comes in mind which brand to choose or which ball to choose here comes CricketRoot Services these are the following services which are given by CricketRoot:

  • Quality Products
  • Free Delivery
  • Delivery on Time
  • All Types of Cricket Balls
  • Customer Brand Stamping
  • Customer Care
  • Budget-Friendly

Quality Products:

CricketRoot is using Top Grain Cow leather and Quality Cork material For the manufacturing Hard Cricket Balls and for training balls, therefore, they use 2 piece leather and for premium cricket balls they use 4 pieces leather which is used for cricket matches. If you are looking for quality cricket balls then you should write how to buy cricket balls in UK or Online to buy balls from CricketRoot.

Free Delivery:

If you are buying a minimum of 24 balls then you will get free delivery and they deliver their products using courier services like DHL. It also depends on the customer whether he/she wants fast delivery or slow delivery. If you want to take a slow delivery option then they will send your order using Pakistan Post.

Delivery On Time:

The main reason for their success that they are providing their products on time therefore if you buy some balls from them it will take 7 days to deliver to your destination place and if you take a slow delivery option it will take up to 30 days to deliver in your mention destination.

All Types of Cricket Balls:

If you are purchasing cricket balls you do not need to go anywhere you can get any kind of ball from CricketRoot.In Conclusion, they got Red, White, Pink, and Training Balls.

Customer Brand Stamping:

If you buy cricket balls in UK or online and you want to stamp your brand logo on our ball then you are on the right place we are providing this facility you just need to send us your stump CricketRoot will use your stamp on the balls.

Customer Care:

If you are facing any kind of problem relating to our cricket ball then CricketRoot has Customer care facility where you can tell us about your problems relating to our balls, in conclusion, you can give them some suggestions to improve their services.


If you want to purchase a budget-friendly ball then they have all kinds of quality you can order any quality which suits you.

CricketRoot Pricing:

Every brand has their pricing budget and pricing also depends on how much you will spend on advertising your ball however CricketRoot have best pricing for you lowest price of our ball is 6$ and maximum price is 20$ if you compare these prices with other brands you will notice CricketRoot prices are very low therefore in 20$ you will get the finest cricket ball quality therefore you should buy cricket balls in UK or online from CricketRoot. Visit cricketRoot to purchase cricket balls UK.

CricketRoot Manufacturing Time:

Time management is the essence of someone deal it properly then it will help you do things on time. In conclusion the manufacturing time of their cricket ball is within one week after that they will deliver their products on your destination.

How to Place Order on CricketRoot?

One of the most important things if you want to place an order on CricketRoot you should know how to place it however it is not rocket science it’s as simple as you place an order online.

Here are the few steps if you want to buy cricket balls in UK or online from CricketRoot:

  • Visit CricketRoot
  • Scroll Down or Go to Our Shop Section.
  • Select and click on your selected ball.
  • Now Click on the Right side button “Add To Chart”
  • Place your cursor on the View Chart Button Or Shop Icon on the top right corner and click it.
  • Now you can directly click on view checkout and fill-up the form and billing detail.
  • Now Click on Place Order.
  • Completed order placing

Order cricket balls in UK or online via CricketRoot Website.

How to Contact CricketRoot Team:

Contact Person:


Phone no:


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