If you want to buy cricket ball in Australia so this Cricket is one of the most playing games worldwide. Every nation has an enthusiasm for cricket match-ups while each country has two types of games.

Domestic and International

 Domestic games are those games in which local country clubs and teams are involved. International games in which different country involve to represent their country. There are also different leagues to get new and high skilled players more over it is a game of teamwork, patience and sportsman spirit. Two teams which play with each other and in conclusion one of them will win the match. There are different match series Likewise Test, ODI, and T20 matches. There are day and night matches and instead of there are different balls for matches. In ODI and T20 matches same White ball is used but in Test matches Red and Pink ball both are used. The pink ball is used at night for visibility.

Cricket balls and its basic understanding

Many people in world plays cricket but they did not know about the material of the cricket equipment. They don’t know which type of material is used in ball and bats are made. Cricket ball is the common and important equipment of cricket game to start the match. If we don’t have Ball then we cannot play the game. By reading the following blog you will get the idea on the cricket ball and you will choose the good quality of ball and you will also understand what kind of material is used in the cricket ball.

The most effective method to pick the best cricket ball

For the best cricket match-up, it is mandatory to have quality hardware which gives an edge to play a decent game. Good things improve the game. Cricketers mostly pay focus on choosing the correct bats and they also give equal importance to the ball. When you visit any online cricket store or to a cricket shop, you will discover plenty of alternatives to select.

Cricket Ball in Australia

It is critical to recall what you will use the cricket balls like a class coordinate, an agreeable game or for your preparation practice. For aggressive cricket, the overseeing body frequently gives rules for the ball that you should utilize. There are different brands of international cricket balls like Dukes cricket balls, Readers, Kookaburra and Lusum but our CR cricket root ball is the best place to purchase cricket ball in Australia. Cricket balls are make by machine or by hand. Kookaburra, Gray nicolls and Slazenger are the common distributors of Balls while now days one of the special and quality cricket balls making company CRICKETROOT is appear.

Buy Cricket Ball in Australia

Are you trying to purchase cricket balls for the first time and need to buy cricket ball in Australia or anywhere in the world, here is the correct and best place to know about the balls. There are different balls use for different matches. White ball is use for One Day and T20 matches. The red ball is use for Test matches but now in few Test matches, the pink ball is use. The explanation behind the pink ball in test matches is that of day and night test matches because red cricket ball has poor visibility at night under yellow floodlight that effect the red ball takes on a brownish color which is very like the shade of the pitch so for this problem pink ball was introduced.

buy cricket ball in Australia

White and Red Cricket Ball Divergence

White ball is use for ODI and T20 while Red ball use for Test match. Research dependent on the finding cricket specialists and players gives us a thought of the distinction between these two balls.

  • White ball has greater visibility at night time than the red ball and it seems clear on-screen as huge cricket lover which are watching online and television.
  • How ever white ball swing more and is smoother.
  • Red ball is less genuinely than the white cricket ball.

A red ball is using for test matches. The matches which are playing in daylight then the red ball is use but when the test matches are at day and night then the pink ball is used for more visibility.

  • Red ball has greater visibility but lesser hard and smooth than white ball.
  • The red ball has less swing than the white ball.
  • But Pink ball has more visibility at night than the red ball.

Construction of the Ball

The cricket ball is make of three different things; cork, string, and leather. A hard and solid ball is utilize in cricket matches. A cricket ball consists of various layers. There is an inner layer that is of cork and its shape is spherical. This cork comes from a special type of tree called OAK. The outer side of the ball is cover with leather case quality and the equator of the ball is sew with string to frame the ball’s noticeable crease. Four strips make up one ball with the most excellent calfskin originating from near the spine of the cover up. The quality and make the ball swing better.

Dimensions of the Ball

The international weight of the ball used:

  • Men and boys: The ball weighs between 156 and 163 grams
  • Women and girls: The ball weighs between 140 and 51 grams
  • Children under: The ball weighs between 133 and 143 grams

The international circumferences of ball used:

  • Men and boys: The ball weighs between 224 to 229 mm
  • Women and girls: The ball weighs between 210 to 226 mm
  • Children under: The ball weighs between 205 to 221 mm

What we offer to purchase cricket ball in Australia?

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Age of the ball and Quality

The duration of the ball depends on the quality of the material used in the ball. On other hand high-quality balls have five layers while low-quality ball includes three layers. New ball is use every new match starts or new ball will used when new innings starts. In match duration more than one day like in the test match then we have to fix the numbers of overs and we have to replace the old ball with the new one.


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